Candle holders & Candle lanterns

Daydream offers a broad range of candle holders and candle lanterns for both decorative and practical usage. All of our items are designed with an eye for detail and made of high-quality materials.

Our assortment of candle holders consists of items in various types and sizes. For example, we have products in a very refined style, but also items with a more rugged character. We have a series of glass candle lanterns which can be used in a variety of ways. A product from our Lovely Home Collection adds style and elegance to any home decor. That's why your collection isn't complete without ours!

The pictures below feature a selection of products in our assortment. Please contact us if you want to view the complete collection!


kaarsenhouder 3
windlicht 7
Kaarsenhouders en windlichten 8
kaarsenhouder 1
kaarsenhouder 4
Kaarsenhouders en windlichten 11
kaarsenhouder 7
kaarsenhouder 5
kaarsenhouder 6
windlicht 9
windlicht 8
windlicht 6

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